3 Simple but Effective Methods for a Pay Raise

Effective Methods for Pay Raise

If you’re a good employee but haven’t gotten a pay raise yet, then you may feel as though you’re not being compensated fairly. Wanting a raise is nothing new but knowing how to get a pay rise can be more challenging. However, there are some steps you can take.

Pick a Good Time

As an article in the BBC notes, there are some times that it’s better to ask for a raise than others.

If company is going through layoffs, then this is probably not the best time. Asking for a raise after a successful project or after a successful evaluation is going to be much more effective.

Make Your Case

Asking for a rise isn’t always going to be effective but you have a much greater likelihood of success if you come armed with data. Do your research ahead of time. Maybe you’ve got a variety of accomplishments and skills that haven’t been compensated fairly.

You can also look at the average pay in your field and see where you fall in this area. If you’re not underpaid, then you’ll have a harder case to make. However, by doing work ahead of time, you’ll be in a much better place to bargain for a raise.

Consider Alternate Expectations

While your employer may want to give you a raise, he or she may not always have the ability to provide additional cash compensation. However, they may be able to improve your working life in ways that are non-monetary. Consider if you want to streamline your position and take on new challenges or even give up some responsibilities. Other benefits could include increased pension payments, travel allowances, a company car, and other perks.

These are a few options to get a pay raise but don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a raise. There are many other options to be promoted so keep your options open as you move forward with your career.

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