What are the most expensive places in the UK to live?

Does anyone actually want to live in the most expensive areas of the UK? Maybe you just want to dream? Maybe like some, the idea is not too appealing! Well in case you are curious, here’s what we’ve found.

The most expensive place to live

With its housing priced at an average of 10.7x the average UK salary, Oxford isn’t just primarily known for its world-famous 854-year old university. It is also known to be the most expensive place to live in.

The most expensive places to rent

A shining example of a metropolis, London comes at an eye-watering rental price. Most workers in London are paying an average monthly rent that amounts to £1,418 and sometimes costs about more than 50% of their income. Despite being expensive as it is to live in the capital, people still choose to reside there, because compensation and the job market are better compared to anywhere else.

The most expensive places to buy a property

Outside of the capital, Virginia Water in Surrey is the most expensive place to buy a property in.

In the capital, Knightsbridge has an average asking price worth more than £3 million, followed by Kensington with just a little over £2 million, and Chelsea with around £1.8 million.

The most expensive cities to buy a property

Although London remains the most expensive city in Britain for house buying, there are several towns and villages with excessive prices as well.

Virginia Water in Surrey, UK’s first “million-pound town” now has an average property prices exceeding the million mark. According to Zoopla estimates, an average price for a property in the area stood at around £1.4 million (a rise of 4.74%) as of February 2020.

Virginia Water also houses 6 out of the 10 most expensive streets to buy a house in Surrey averagely priced at a little over £5 million:

  • Wentworth Drive;
  • Portnall Rise;
  • North Drive;
  • Woodlands Road East;
  • Pinewood Road; and
  • Waverley Drive.

The most expensive street

With an average house priced at £6.8 million, Leatherhead: Montrose Gardens in Surrey is the most expensive street to buy a house in.